Frank Ehrhorn

Born in San Francisco, CA, Frank moved to Texas as a teenager. In 1973, he married his wife, Veta, and six years later as young worldly adults, they both became transformed, born again believers in Jesus Christ. From the very beginning, Frank & Veta have felt the call to serve the Kingdom of God and the need to be giving their lives to ministry. While seeking deeper things of the Spirit, Frank found that he was gifted in music- a talent that had been dormant his entire life to that point. For more than twenty years, Frank & Veta have served the body of Christ in Youth Ministry and worship. Frank joined the staff at First Rock in 2002 as Youth Minister and Minister of Worship. Continuing as Minister of Worship, he resigned his position as Youth Minister in 2005 to go to school, and in January 2007 became full-time Associate Pastor and Minister of Worship. In 2018 Frank stepped back from Music Ministry to devote his time as our Associate Pastor. Veta continues to be a wonderful mentor to ladies of all ages. Frank enjoys writing and playing music, kayaking and spending time travelling with Veta. Frank and Veta have two grown daughters, Krisi and Courtney and 10 grandchildren.