The Bible is God’s perfect Word with out flaw

We believe it is one of the primary ways that God reveals Himself to mankind. God’s Word was written by people as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit meaning God’s Holy Spirit is its author. God’s Holy Word consists of 66 books beginning with Genesis and ending with Revelation. We believe that no other books should be added to or given the same authority as these 66 books that make up our Bible. Likewise no man will ever have authority to change what our perfect God has written because He cannot make a mistake and therefore doesn’t need man’s help correcting Him. God instructs us on right and wrong, makes himself known, illuminates our lives, paths, hearts and minds all through His word. He corrects, rebukes and trains us in righteousness through His word. He protects us with a shield of faith and arms us with a sword of the Spirit all through reading and knowing His word. We know what sin is because of His word. We know how to be born again through His Holy Spirit and His word. We are set free and remain free by the power of the Holy Spirit and the truth of God’s words found in the Holy Scriptures. Scripture references on this subject: