IsraelIn, Israel

Ron & Elana Cantor

Shalom from Israel! I am Ron Cantor and this my blog. I am the GODTV Israel Regional Director host of the daily TV program, “Out of Zion”. I also serve on the leadership team of a Hebrew-speaking, Spirit-filled congregation in Tel Aviv. We love Yeshua and we love Israel. Hope to see you here soon!

HungaryIn, Hungary

Danny & Becky Loe

The Loes are missionaries through Campus Crusade For Christ and minister in Albania, the Ukraine, Croatia, Russia and in Budapest, Hungary.Emails can be sent to

Kindsbach, Germany

Whitley Family

Recently our family moved from Strasbourg, France to Kindsbach, Germany.  During this time of transition, we often return to Strasbourg to visit and continue in ministry.  On December 5th, we were in Strasbourg to make Christmas visits with the ladies-in-waiting; to give small Christmas gifts and the Bible story from Matthew and Luke in their own language.  We also visited the Christmas markets near the beautiful cathedral and the area where just one week later became the most recent location for a terrorist attack.  We are praying for our friends in Strasbourg; those who were at the location only hours before the incident, or decided not to go because of the weather, and those who live in the neighborhood where the police were tracking down the shooter.  Please pray with us for our friends in Strasbourg as they continue to live and minister during this difficult time.
Here in Kindsbach, we are also involved in ministry.  During this season of giving, we have enjoyed working with a ministry to refugees in giving backpacks and school supplies; and reaching out to victims of human trafficking by giving small gifts, Christmas cookies, and the Christmas story in many languages.

As the New Year approaches, we are looking forward to continued opportunities in ministry. Tiffne is happy to be a part of the European Baptist Federations Anti-Trafficking working group; who are passionate about networking with and mobilizing Baptists to walk into the darkest corners of our world with the light of Jesus’ love. Please pray for Tiffne as she speaks at the European Baptist Federations Children and Youth leaders’ conference in January in Brussels, Belgium.  Also, please continue to pray as we continue to reach out to victims of human trafficking.


Sam & Pat Sarvis

Sam & Pat Sarvis met while attending a Youth With A Mission (YWAM) Discipleship Training School and School of Evangelism in 1977-78, and have been serving with YWAM in Thailand since 1981. There they served five years in Cambodian refugee camp, then were involved nearly a decade in slum and mercy ministry in Bangkok. Following that, Sam was the National Director of YWAM Thailand for 13 years until stepping down in August, 2009. He currently serves on the Executive Leadership Team for the YWAM Indo-China/Philippines Region, and is also an Elder at the Evangelical Church of Bangkok. Pat has also been very involved in serving YWAM Thailand, as well as teaching in the International Community School of Bangkok for 16 years. She was the ESL Department Coordinator for the final 6 years until leaving the school in 2009.

As of June 2010, Sam and Pat have begun a new phase of ministry in Bangkok, which includes serving with a homeless community, starting an intercession ministry for the city & nation, and also serve as Elders and Pastoral Care coordinators for YWAM Thailand. Their passion is to bring the healing life of Jesus to the broken and hurting, while helping believers find and fulfill God’s eternal purposes for their lives. Sam & Pat have 2 sons, Luke and Josh, who are currently working and studying in Boston, U.S.A., and a daughter Rachel, who is serving with the U.S. Army. Their email address is The website for YWAM Thailand is 

Every Home for Christ

This ministry specifically aims at taking the gospel to every single home on the planet including huts, tents and tree houses. Every Home for Christ visits more than 175,000 homes everyday and has reached 1.34 billion homes in the last 64 years. In that time they have seen over 89.8 million people respond to the gospel! These statistics plus personal experience on the field in Nicaragua handing out the gospel makes us confident that we sow into a great work when we give monthly to Every Home for Christ.

World Vision

First Rock has been in relationship with World Vision since 2003 when our senior pastor and his wife went on a pastor’s vision trip to South Africa. That trip led to approximately 25 children being sponsored with families sending monthly support to individual children in that country. Through the years since, we have felt led to send several large gifts to help with housing and clean water. In 2009 we partnered with World Vision and another church in the metroplex to build a medical clinic in Uganda. This is the nation that we currently sponsor more than 40 children due to a sponsorship drive in early 2010. Taking care of widows and orphans due the AIDS pandemic and ministering to the poor are all biblical mandates that this ministry helps us to be apart of. We look forward to continuing our relationship with this global ministry.